Will mp matches get cR gain/overpriced cosmetics

personally, i, and alot of other of other people, are pretty annoyed about how when you complete a match, theres no rewards, at all. so much so to the point i barely want to play the game sometimes, afterall you get nothing for all the hard work you do ingame besides a screen telling you how bad or good you were in the match, so who cares if you just leave mid-match when you get bored, since you have no reason to continue playing to get a sense of progression and thus want to play the game more? in every other game with cosmetics, if you complete a match, you get exp and a small bit of ingame currency, but why, why not this one?

on the store, right now, you can spend twenty dollars for just a handful of cosmetics. half of which you probably wont use, either not wanting it and having to get it because its a bundle or because therell inevitably be much better looking cosmetics in the store in a few months. for twenty dollars, thats the price of an entire good game, for only 8 cosmetics. and after checking right now; you can also get just 4 items for 10$ in a daily bundle. you only get one day to buy it, and its only 4 items, for 10$. what a steal.
and you can also buy one color for every vehicle, one barely noticable vehicle accessory for a specific vehicle, and one tiny emblem, for 15$.

a small ammount of limited items in bundles, for nearly the price of an entire game, and you cant even gain ingame currency to have a sense of progression towards getting them, or make sure everybody can get them, even those who cant spare money to games they love for whatever reason. if youre really going to be greedy like that, at the very least, add credit gain for medals matches and challenges or make the items nonlimited. please

originally wrote this in a support ticket cuz im stupid and didnt realize that the forums wouldve been a better place untill the automatic response told me i shouldve said it here

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