Will Microsoft shake up 343 if Infinite tanks ?

I’ve been playing Halo ever since Combat Evolved. I like that Halo has a universe that feels like it could be our future, and I’ve always liked the gunplay, it’s like a dance and a
dual to pop shields and then finish the kill.

But I am worried that Halo has lost interest from players. To me personally ever since Halo 4, Halo has felt like it needs game modes that have never been in a Halo game. I don’t mean game modes like Fire Firefight or War Games, but player vs player. I mean something that is able to be a staple like Team Slayer and something that recaptures the feel of that dual to pop shields and then finish the kill.

To me personally, especially with the power of the next Xbox this game mode would be Battle Royale. I know Mr. O’Connor said this isn’t something that Infinite is going to have, but I strongly disagree with that. Because Halo has for a long time stuck to game modes such as Team Slayer, Big Team Battle, Swat, etc… But these game modes can and do get repetitive, especially when you play 1000’s of matches. I think the statement about if people want battle Royale, then just make it in Forge, is ridiculous because it would not be the same as a developer made game mode that has 100+ people in a game.

A developer (343i) made Battle Royale mode for Halo Infinite could be so amazing, especially if it had a battle pass and challenges to keep people engaged. It could have Spartans, Elites, Grunt, Brutes, all with skins that could be earned from challenges or bought. It could take place on a Halo ring that is charging up and that makes the play space shrink like other Battle Royale games. It could have the vehicles from the Halo universe. And it could have events like the Flood infects the ring or Forerunners try to take it back.

There’s so much that a Halo Infinite Battle Royale game mode could do to keep players engaged and interested, it can also open up revenue streams that don’t feel like bad microtransactions. I for one think Fortnite does that well with their Battle Pass.

This post isn’t a dig at Mr. O’Connor, it’s meant to show that a fan of Halo is worried about the future of the franchise. I for one am going to get the game and the new system when they come out, but I am going to be pretty disappointed if it’s campaign, multi-player (Team Slayer, BTB, Swat, Doubles, same old same old) Forge, theater with just fancier graphics. Because that’s what every other Halo game has.

With all the power the next Xbox has, I would hope 343i uses that power to make a experience that feels epic, not just by making the game look very good, but to bring new gameplay elements that haven’t been in a Halo game before, and to make the game feel engaging and alive. I want to boot up the game and have a set of armor or something to work towards not just stats or a rank.

So what do you guys think ? Do you think Microsoft would shake up 343i if Halo Infinite doesn’t meet expectation’s ?