Will melee/close range ever be fixed?

We’re four months past launch and still at a place where melee is extremely inconsistent. The two issues I see most are 1) collision still does not work quite as expected, resulting in players phasing/slipping through one another and 2) lunge exists as a sort of “probability cloud” where you and the other person essentially roll an RNG die as to how far out it will grant you the melee.

I’m guessing both of these are most likely due to the netcode (I’m not a developer obviously), since both players and the server do not agree about where everyone is relative to one another. While I don’t get shot behind walls nearly as much anymore, close range still feels really poor on a game-to-game basis.

I’m just curious, how long do you think it will take before close range is as consistent as, say, H5?


I don’t know, but even when I’m on 15 ping, it seems everyone flies from 10 feet to Melee me while I’m scared I’ll just whiff as I always do unless I’m right on them.

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It’s because on their screen you’re closer to them and they aren’t lunging as far.

If they removed the melee lunge this problem of apparently wild inconsistency in melee range would vanish, along with the most of cases where you melee someone to their face and phase through them for a random backsmack. Probably also a fair few of the melees where it looks and sounds as if you hit but then do no damage.

Lunge bad.

Nope. Infinite’s engine needs to be completely torn apart and put back together to fix the horrific amounts of technical debt and amateurly scripted coding if 343 would want to fix the games awful issues.