Will Master Chief's Armor Ever Become The Default Armor Again?

Chief’s set was the default armor in Halo CE, 2, and 3. Since Reach, that’s no longer the case. Now you have to earn his armor set. Will it ever become the default once again someday?

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I don’t think so, for the reasons I mentioned here:

To be honest, i dont think so. In the beginning of the series, chief wasnt really hailed as an icon. He was just the main character. Default. Now Bungie and 343 has established master chief as a legend in the xbox community as the flagship character and thus, his armor is now iconic. Probably why, since reach, mark vi has been something that took time and effort to obtain. Im inclined to believe that every halo from now on will have you start with some no name rookie armor set that looks plain. Want to be the chief? Gotta earn it now.


I find it so funny. His armor was just called the mark VI because it was the sixth major iteration of the armor. But now every armor he wears is called MK VI, despite often being visually based on MK iV varients. Instead of being the base, its become the ‘master chief special’, despite him only having worn the MK IV for like a month before the covenant war ended.

We’ve come so far from every spartan using the same armor canonically…

I think that it should be a reward for completing the campaign on Heroic or Legendary