Will Longtime Fans be Rewarded in H4?

Will we be rewarded when we play Halo 4 online for the first time? Like say those who have the Waypoint app and have reached a certain rank or achievements will gain bonuses? Just kind of like what they did for users who had bungie.net profiles when they played Reach for the first time online, they got bonus credits.

Playing Reach the first time doesn’t mean your a long time fan; That just meant you were a new player so that example doesn’t help your argument.

Still, i see what you mean. I am not against that idea you know. Rewarding players for going the extra mile. That is always nice to have around, provides incentive for completionists and of course, long time fans.

Btw, War Master helmet is about as close as you are going to get to a Haunted Helmet in Halo 4. 343 did that for you guys :slight_smile:

:smiley: I Like That Idea.

I think rewarding fans is a good thing, I mean I’ve been playing Halo since CE (first fps) On console and PC. Its too bad my xbox crapped out of me two years ago so I upgraded my computer. Now I have to fix up my old broken xbox so I can play this masterpeice of a new Halo. But, on topic, if a lot of people start to whine for rewards it might get ugly. I think if anything it should be a special emblem, or stance.

No of course not. That is against 343i’s philosophy of “Everyone Wins”.

I really didn’t see this thread become something about Cod vs Halo.

I say they give us like a nameplate or something small like that. Nothing to change gameplay, but something to seperate us from the herd.

> I really didn’t see this thread become something about Cod vs Halo.

It happens often here on Waypoint.

OT: Yeah I hope they do give the Milestone 75’s something extra for completing the previous Halo’s.