will level 130 be the absolute MAX level?

In my opinion I think the halo 4 ranking system should go farther than level 130. I think there should either be more specializations, or just more stuff to unlock after level 130.

While it would be nice to have more things to unlock, I personally don’t feel it is necessary. I enjoyed Reach (gasp I know.) but the ridiculous amount of levels and the promise of the awesome unlock stuff along the way didn’t keep me coming back.

I didn’t feel that it was a blight on the Halo name or anything like that, I just moved on to other games. I didn’t feel like buying a bunch of map packs and the one person I would play Halo with stopped playing and just got busy trying to graduate.

In April they are implementing the CSR (no need to get into its visibility here.) This will allow you to work towards a 50 in each playlist by increasing your skill in the game. If you perform poorly, your number will drop, giving you more to work for.

Stuff to work towards AND improving skill in the game. Sounds like a win/win to me.