Will LCE owners who want a disc get SE disc art?

Still haven’t jumped on LCE or LE, but I AM curious… if I got the LCE and traded in my LCE code for a disc, will it be a regular disc or a limited edition disc? Anybody know? Thanks!

A user (I forget who) spike with Xbox Support. Reportedly, because we’re redeeming Limited Edition content, we should get the LE disc.

I thought they sent you the standard copy as if you had bought the base $60 version.

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> I thought they sent you the standard copy as if you had bought the base $60 version.

What? The 60 version already comes with a disc.

It’s never going to get a special artwork is it? I mean c’mon lol

I wanna know this aswell

Well, I imagine this has probably already been confirmed elsewhere, but this was the first thread “Google” brought up regarding this so I figured I’d chime in. After speaking with MS Support rep today in attempting to redeem/forfeit my LCE code for a disc - I was told we are getting the standard $60 MSRP green-box disc - no special art, no special LE disc, just a run-of-the-mill regular edition. I mean, why should they reward their highest-paying customers with anything special right??

I would like to know also

In regards to the disc, from what support is saying it looks like we’ll get a regular edition of the game.

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