will johnson against many times exist and die in halo CE:A ???

I can remember, when i was playing halo ce … i saw johnson more times dying… in the first mission i found johnson at two places dead … OR what i never will forget ! xD… i was safeing the marines in the second mission, and whean im moving to the next group, there was johson against LOL… thats crap… he dies to much in this game, it will be cool when he is invincible and only one times per mission existing.

do you think 343 will fix that ?

No and that was the fun of it, if we have an invincible marine, even one, the entire system could and will be messed up.

There’s nothing to fix, as Johnson wasn’t really a character in Halo 1. His name comes up in the credits only, and he’s used at random in many places like any stock marines.

The only appearances that “Johnson” has in Halo 1 that could even remotely be considered “Johnson” are the ones that were canonized after the fact by additional media.

Sergeant Johnson is awesome. Period.

The only AI that should be invincible is the Thirsty Grunt… that way, we can melee him all the way to the end of the level. :smiley: