Will it live to its promises? [Poll]

I personally think it will and will not. But the game will be better than any other halo after halo 3.

just based off what i’ve been seeing i feel like the campaign may be disappointing but wont know until i actually play it. as far as MP im sure that will not disappoint i really enjoyed the beta and they’ve made it better since then

I’ve heard the campaign is disappointing but only for those that aren’t into the lore. Multiplayer is a hit with just about everyone though, so your poll doesn’t have an option that accurately describes the situation. I voted yes but really feel like it’s a yes only for those who are fans of the series.

From playing the beta, the multiplayer will absolutely live up to the hype and will be the driving factor to keep people playing. The campaign may not be as great, but for myself, after H3, i didn’t really buy Halo for campaign any longer. H1-3 were the best campaigns IMO, after that it was a multiplayer game that just so happened to have a decent story line, but not nearly as good as the original trilogy!

Once they add forge, new game modes, and better spawns it can contest with the greats.