Will insiders still be testing new content post-release of Halo Infinite?

It’s been nice being able to playtest the early builds of Halo Infinite. I just have one question, will insiders still be testing out early builds of the game such as future updates after it releases?


If Halo: The Master Chief Collection is anything to go by, then yes, we will be. 343i seem to have big plans for Halo: Infinite.


I’d be surprised if not honestly. Keep your Insider information up to date just in case.

In there most recent blog about the last flight they did confirm more flights but no confirmation on if it there will be more before launch, but there will be one after launch.

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No more flights before launch, post release there will be more flights, same as they have done for mcc, at a guess most likely next flight would be for co-op


They did specifically mention flights for Forge mode at one point as well.

So I would say at the most there will be a flight per season. At the least, there will be one right before any major updates or features are added.