will infection make a return?

who wants or wonders if infection will make a come back?


same infection was sweet in the past I miss all the online custom games

I hope so too, perhaps 343 can implement a spin or add-on for the gameplay.

It better!! infection is life!

As long as the original Infection from Halo Reach returns.

Flood was terrible in my opinion. It took several Magnum shots to kill a Flood. I don’t care if they were once former Spartan-IVs, it was unbalanced giving them the thruster pack AA letting them fly across the map and shields to grant immunity to headshots.

But yeah, I want Infection to return. One of my favourite game modes, and it required the Infection to coordinate so they wouldn’t just run to a slaughter.

Any chance of infection in halo 5?

I need infection or else I don’t really have a game mode I like to forge for

The infection from reach with halo 4’s flood skin would be nice.
I’m looking forward to playing it on pegasus,feels like a good infection map.

Would definitely like to see this, maybe with a range of new maps to make it more fun/playable.

It needs to return

I loved Infection, especially in Halo 3 and Reach, would be awesome if they brought it back.