Will Halo Waypoint be integrated with halo 5

I do like Halo Waypoint but what i do hate is how its a whole other game if you can make Halo Waypoint with Halo 5 then that would be great.Because i am not a fan of looking up someones rank but have to leave the game, launch Halo Waypoint, Look up there stats,leave Halo Waypoint then go back on Halo 4. If it is possible to integrate Waypoint with halo without leaving the game then that would be superb. Not much people would ever go on halowaypoint but if it were on the game then people would like this game a lot more

You can also view your friends CSR by viewing your friend’s rankings in the Halo 4 Stats App from a browser on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Thank you for your suggestion regarding future possibilities, none the less.