Will Halo infinite have better assassination's??

How much assassination’s will there be over 200+ i could be i would love that

Only time would tell just be patient

ahhhh i see i just cant wait im hype btw im a xbox player i might make jorge cuz ya know armor customization

Over 200 assassinations sounds like a stretch, it would be very hard to make that many unique. I can see them carrying over a few different ones from the other Halo’s but don’t expect that many

I’m kind of over assassinations tbh. I don’t care if they leave them in the game, but my guess is they’re just gonna keep getting more over the top and cheesy if they continue to add more.

Aggie it would be but lots of grinding i’ll say over 50 then??

I don’t care about them, but I wish there was a preview feature so you could watch all the one’s you have before equipping them.

i know right but hey we dont know when it comes out when is the e3?

This is more of a suggestion than a conversational topic. Please put it in the wishlist topic https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/29568daf8cd14083bd1b70a810bf3581/topics/halo-6-wishlist/08b5d0e4-ff65-47a1-b37b-8cfb3cce8987/posts