Will Halo Infinite be Xbox play anywhere?

After that announcement of Infinite being the next launch title of project scarlett but last year it was also confirmed that it will be on xbox one and windows 10.

Hoping that it could be play anywhere because say like if you buy Infinite on xbox one , but if you get scarlett like few months or next year or whatever, I would not like if you have to buy infinite again.

Example with gta, its on 360 and one,had it with 360 first ages ago but when I got the xbox one x, had to buy gta again.

Xbox featured the play anywhere with console and pc.
I think its going to steam like MCC to make lots of money and sales.

Do you think it will be xbox play anywhere with one and scarlett and cross play between them?

Phil Spencer said that Scarlet will be able to play Xbox One games and its full crossplay (like Halo Reach is now). I would “assume” if you bought the game digitally or disk that you would be okay being their pushing backwards compatibility right from the start.

The question remains what differences there will be between Xbox One and Scarlett versions of the game. If Scarlett version has new modes and components, it’s possible you’d have to repurchase. Which would suck BTW. I’m opposed to that. But I’d preorder it if they guaranteed I could play the game on any system (Xbox One, Scarlett and PC). Then it’s a no brainer for me.

I would love all xbox one, 360 and OG xbox games to be backwards combatable, backwards combatable will defiantly be in Scarlett. What I liked between 360 and one is that in example in diablo 3, I played in 360, if I saved it on cloud, then brought it again, I had all my saves in the one version from the 360 and I didn’t have to start again but as long as you save it in cloud