Will Halo Infinite be "M" Rated?

I know a lot of people were upset with the fact Halo 5 was only Teen, maybe this is due to the fact we see ratings have changed over the years? I personally think its the lack of language and blood. Should Halo Infinite Have blood/Language? I personally think it should come back, but maybe 343i is trying to create a more… family friendly game? I don’t really like this but what do you guys think?

It is really what it is rated but it will probably be rated mature due to Blood/Language.

I mean, you can’t have a Halo ring in a Halo game that doesn’t feature the Flood. That’s like a BLT but without the bacon. And I just don’t see how you can have the Flood and not have the game rated M.

I have played teen-rated games that had more cursing in it than ANY of the M-rated halo games. As for violence, halo 5 had plenty. Maybe it didn’t have a lot of blood splattering, but some of it’s assassinations against other players were really violent (like stabbing someone in the eye with your knife and then kneeing it further into their skull.) I think halo has always been kind of a “soft” mature game. “Hard” mature games are like Doom, Gears of war, Mortal kombat, ect. Infinite I think will be a “hard” teen game, and that probably means the flood could still appear.

I mean the blood an language has never been too severe in halo anyways. Like CE had a ton of covenant blood, but it was all bright blue and cartoony looking so not too hard or intense. The flood infecting humans and being able to shoot body parts off of the flood really is the most violent thing in the series. Every halo game had the blood toned down significantly from CE, so idk I didn’t think it was that big of a deal that they cut it. Like the post above me says, Halo really isn’t an intense M rated game. Comparing it with other M rated games like borderlands, which rains blood and limbs, Halo is pretty soft.

The flood are almost certain to return for Infinite due to the setting, and remember that they are horrifying abominations of shambling, rotting flesh. I am pretty sure that alone rendered in modern graphics will be enough to land the game an M rating.

I certainly do hope the excessive blood decals that used to reign supreme in the franchise come back. I have fond memories from Halo CE of that one elevator full of smeared grunt blood. Ah, back before Halo was afraid of being banned in certain unnamed countries. Good times.

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