Will Halo for Xbox One have new Emblems?

Just wondering if Halo for Xbox One have new Emblems to unlock as we progress through the game.

No one knows, but I am almost certain there will be some new emblems.

I sincerely hope that the horrible new “emblem progression system” is removed and all emblems available at launch like they used to be. It worked fine that way and there were plenty of varied emblems to go around. No DLC, no bonuses, no unlockables, no severely limited amount of emblems at base level, nothing like that; it’s completely pointless and provides very little, if any, incentive to actually level up and complete challenges, as of course they’re only emblems. I also hope that old favourites are returned alongside new emblems; I’m really missing my Fleur-de-lis and Four Diamonds background.

I hated unlocking emblems-with the exception of specialization emblems.

That said, i really miss the Tycho Emblem. Too bad it was a Marathon thing.

I kinda miss the New Mombasa Emblem featured in Reach. It was cool…I hope they bring back all the emblems we’ve had and continue to make new cool ones available too.


We obviously don’t know, however, it would be nice to see some new emblems, as well as some returning emblems. *I want my Anchor emblem to come back, :frowning: *

If any new emblems come in, I so want the Viper, Cougar, and Tyrannosaurus ‘Team Emblems’ modified and suited up for player emblem use.

Returning emblems? I’d want the Mark of Shame, Anchor, and Guilty emblems to make a return. I’m pretty sure I could think of more later though.

As for unlocking emblems? shrugs Good idea in theory, but in all honesty I’d prefer we have access to the majority of them from the start, and then make emblems new to the game the unlockable ones.

Bring back every emblem from past Halo games.

I’ve been using the same emblem since Halo 2. When I discovered it was absent in Halo 4 it felt like a major part of my online identity was lost.

I’ll also be immensely disappointed if the Mark VI helmet doesn’t make an appearance in Halo 5.

I want the Phoenix emblem to return. I’ve been using it since H2 and was a little annoyed it didn’t make it into H4. The same can be said for the Champion emblem, (it was the star). My brother had been using it from H2 and it was left out of H4 too. I don’t understand why all old emblems weren’t implemented. I hope the new Halo game, (whatever it is), and all future games, have all the old emblems and just add the new ones to the list.