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Trying to research some very important information, can anybody help confirm this?
Coop Campaign from my understanding has no split game play which is okay.BUT MULTIPLAYER without a doubt to me should have 2 to 4 Split screen capabilities
I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO EXPLAIN MYSELF!? I Found out about this today and was trying to tie lose ends, very desperate for answers for i am a huge halo fan.
Hearing about split screen being a possible no go scares me and i hate to say this but if such news is true then it surely will be the end of my halo career.
This is not Call of duty halo was born off couch coop never forget that.
Please & Thank you

just heard today its really sad


I used to not care for split screen as all my friends had xboxs and we played online. But now living with some of those friends, its nice to grab some beers and kill each other on split screen. It sucks but oh well.

I am not even joking when I say I am honestly considering just not buying Halo 5 because of this.

A lot of the best fun I have in Halo is playing local couch campaign with my friend or playing split-screen multiplayer.
It’s just what Halo is, but the lack of it has killed not only my faith in 343i (which is just getting worse with each passing announcement) but my interest in this game.