Will Halo 5 have PowerUps?(OverShield+ActiveCamo)

Every Halo multiplayer since the birth of Halo has had these classical power ups:
-Active Camo

Halo Reach and Halo 4 featured these power ups in the forms of armor abilities, except overshield became a ordinace drop.

Since Halo 5 won’t have armor abilities or ordinance drops… Does that mean the classical (Halo 1-3 style) power ups overshields and active camo, scattered across the map are coming back? I sure hope so. Halo 5 needs to have overshields and active camo. Plus powerups around the map make the game feel more like an old fashion arena FPS. Wich is what Halo 5 is aiming for "Next Gen Arena FPS"

It won’t be Halo without them.
Just those classic Halo CE sound effects of touching the power ups, that humming of the over shield, the weird sci fi noise of the active camo. Its beautiful.

there hasnt been a halo FPS without them in some form or fashion.

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> there hasnt been a halo FPS without them in some form or fashion.

They have the best sound effects in the game. I hope 343i doesn’t change their sound effects.

It’s been confirmed that powerups are returning.

I don’t remember where i saw it but i’m pretty sure that the power ups will return in halo 5 ,someone in 343 said that they weren’t ready to work in the beta ,but they will be in the final game ,I try to find the source :slight_smile:

Josh Holms confirmed (on TeamBeyond.net) that power ups are returning

SWEET! I don’t know anybody who doesn’t want them.

I missed powerups after H3. They were so much fun on Avalanche. Grab invisibility and try to make that long trek into the enemy base to confuse the enemies and steal their flag. So freaking fun.