Will Halo 5 Guardians be the defining game?

Hey guys it’s V0ID COSMOS and the reason i’m asking this question is because i’d like to know your thoughts on if Halo 5 will be the halo we’ve all been asking for. Make sure to post below your thoughts and add in what you think the game should have in it and EX. GT: V0ID COSMOS and I will speak with you later Halo community.

Not much is known about a good portion of the game, so it’s hard to say, but after those trailers came out I’m happy to say that the Hype Train has left the station and we’re all onboard!

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True. 3…2…1 let’s go Halo


This is a joke thread, right?

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> Hahaha…
> This is a joke thread, right?

Ikr. Someone’s new to the forums.

OT: I think a cursory glance of the subject titles on the Guardians page should show you the predicament Waypoint is in. The haters and the fanboys are like circling dogs, quibbling over a slab of meat, whilst the actual intelligent members of the community are trying to divide the meat evenly between the dogs, but their efforts get lost in the flurry of barking, biting and butt-sniffing going on.

Welcome to Waypoint.

H5 is gonna be 343:s last chance to redeem themselves, if they fail with this games, its game over. No pun intended.
But I have to admit, that H5 really looks like 343:s "H2, it might just be the game of the year of 2015 if they do it right.