Will Halo 5 Guardians be a better game then Halo 4

I’m talking in terms of game play & story & matchmaking my favorite Halo games are Halo 1,2,3.

Gameplay? Yes (Personal Opinion)
Matchmaking? Don’t Know
Story? No clue.

From what I have seen yes.

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> Gameplay? Yes (Personal Opinion)
> Matchmaking? Don’t Know
> Story? No clue.

Total agreement,
From what I’ve seen so far it’s the most balanced so far in the series in terms of human weapons, Spartans seem like they’re wearing top of the line battlesuits and are the embodiment of the ultimate human warrior rather than slightly tougher Marines so gameplay-wise I’m optimistic and I haven’t been optimistic about a Halo game since H3.

Matchmaking…dunno on that front, if there are some dedicated servers (I mean actually dedicated servers) then we’re definitely a step in the right direction.

Plot-wise I’m cautiously optimistic. Ever since H4 and the books surrounding it there have been several things I’ve not liked about the story one of which is the handling of Dr. Halsey. From her character butchery at the hands of a talentless hack of a writer to 343’s force-feeding of “she’s a war criminal” down our throats in Spartan Ops it’s simply irked me to this day.

Story could be interesting, game play is smooth but matchmaking gets old quick. Maps just don’t have the thrill factor that past halos have given. Two or one power weapons per map with 8 players is boring. All halo 2a maps minus warlord have at least 4 or more that is including shotguns. Yet halo 5 is maybe you’ll get something better eventually. Run around using spawn weapons the majority of the time…how boring.

I liked Halo 4 but I hope Halo 5 will be so much better, multiplayer, story and I really like the Beta