Will Halo 4 weather the storm?

In case you hadn’t heard, Black Ops II released on Tue. and subsequently the Halo 4 population took a bit of a drop. Clearly, this shows many people play Halo and CoD, my question is, do you think the people who flip flop will come back to Halo 4, or stick with CoD?

I won’t lie, I already bought Black Ops II. In my opinion, it’s slightly better than MW3, but that’s not saying much. Haven’t tried SP or Zombies, just MP. As of now, I am not that impressed with the MP, it’s your typical CoD game that they try to hype as “innovative” each year. I play it daily now with friends, but still play Halo 4 too, and enjoy Halo 4 much more.

I think there is going to come a point where I start to despise BOps II and stop playing it for a long time and stick with Halo 4.

I hope the people who are giving CoD a chance (like me) will realize Halo 4 is better and come back to it in a few weeks once the hype of Black Ops II runs out, do you think people will or do you think the Halo 4 population is doomed to slowly fade away? (Reach)

Even a friend of mine on Xbox Live who I was playing with on launch night of Black Ops II said Halo 4 was better, and he’s a pretty big CoD fan. So I hope more people are like him and come back to Halo 4. If not, well, it was nice to see a healthy population for a week while it lasted.

Hopefully the map packs bring the MP population back, and maybe some TU’s to bring back the things we love (and miss) like classic playlist.

A couple of things that will factor into keeping Halo 4 viable… well for me… I can’t talk everyone else.

  1. The new maps coming in the DLCs had better be spectacularly large for all the vehicles and forging.

  2. They better start fine tuning some of the minor issues, guns disappearing too fast, Grenades failing to stick and the wimpy arms these Spartan 4s seem to have while lobbing them. Vehicles being wasted on small maps, useless AAs in game types that don’t effect Competitives.

  3. Better fix the issues that SWAT to Infection players grouse over, they are your core players who will play those game types and if their not happy then expect low numbers in those lobbies.

  4. Spartan Ops needs to start getting better real fast. That means re-working the dialogue and mission objectives and some imagination and inspiring environments need to be hitting everyone’s console ASAP, or they really better ramp up the marketing for season 2.

  5. 343 needs to get active in speaking with the community and spreading the word on why they made a change or what they are planning. Being quiet on the subject makes people think the Developer is done and it’s on to Halo 5, which won’t release for two or three years from now and we’re stuck with whatever it is that is making us individually unhappy in the final product. They need to put a face in this forum.

  6. I really wish they could make two playlists for Halo. One competitive so they can get their stat tracking and whatever that makes them happy and I wish there was a list where you could just play and not worry about W/L, JIP, or K/D spreads, you know have fun without the worry of judgement always bearing down on your [performance.

There’s more but really who wants to read complaints?