Will halo 4 have any easter eggs?

Will Halo 4 have any Easter eggs in the campaign or anywhere? I love finding them :smiley: and getting hints of other games to come or just flipping an elephant :smiley:

Luke Taylor Simpson

Well to answer to your question: It is self-evident truth to have easter-eggs in Halo 4 like in all past Haloโ€™s.

You can Guarantee it.

> You can Guarantee it.


Every Halo game (and 99.999% of games in general) have easter eggs. Thereโ€™s usually quite a few in Halo games. Itโ€™s the creators way of having fun/throwing in a signature of their own somewhere.



> yes.
> /topic

What does /topic mean???

Oh, and there are generally alot of easter eggs in the halo franchise, so yes, :smiley:

yep, and glitches too :slight_smile: