Will Halo 4 be on the Xbox live market place?

If it is when will it be on?

> If it is when will it be on?

No one here has any idea at all about what you have asked. Only the developer and Microsoft will know.

Most likely it will not be on the XBL Marketplace, you will have to purchase the game in disc form.

They really should start embracing digital for day one - I’m tired of the clutter. Most of the limited content can be delivered through live too. Come on MS!

If they released it as a digital download it would be a year after release

To date there has been exactly one xbox 360 game released on the arcade as the same day as a physical release. I doubt very much Halo 4 will change that.

Well there are plenty of AAA titles on GoD(Gears of War 3 and Reach were available roughly half a year after release) so I’m sure Halo 4 will be there eventually, definitely not at launch though.