Will H5B unlocks be unlockable at launch?

Hey everyone,

As most of us know, completing certain requirements in the Master Chief Collection will unlock armor sets for use in the Halo 5 Beta. I’m aware that these unlockables will transfer over to Halo 5 at launch, but I was wondering if I haven’t unlocked them all in the Beta time, can I still unlock them by completing the requirements in MCC? Or do they have to be unlocked during the Beta in order for them to unlock in Halo 5: Guardians?

The main reason I’m concerned is Helioskrill, which looks really awesome. To unlock it, you must get the “Legend” achievement (complete all campaigns on Legendary). I’m not quite good enough to be able to “fluently” play Legendary solo, and my friends that own MCC aren’t online enough for us to be able to co-op complete 45 missions in 11 days.

So yeah, if any of you know or think you may know the answer to this question, please respond. Thank you! :slight_smile: