Will H5 have Split Screen?

Hi guys…

I was just wondering…since the…huh…competition…droped the split screen thing, I wonder…

Is 343 doing the same? Erase all joy of having couch co-op…ever?


No one knows.

Except the people at 343 . . . and they’re not telling.

I can’t speak for what is confirmed or not…

But I started my Halo experience on a 2 or 4-player split screen. It was some of the best fun (video game or otherwise) that my college friends and I ever had. I think it’s as critical to Halo’s roots as anything else you can mention… I hope they bring it back for a whole new generation of gamers.

Wait…they are actually CONSIDERING it???

It better had.

No…I mean…is 343 even considering not having split screen in Halo 5???

Yes, Bungie did drop split-screen for various reasons. I don’t think 343i have talked about it. It would be so odd not having split-screen in Halo. In Halo 4 split-screen was pretty bad and dropped the framerate considerably.

> No…I mean…is 343 even considering not having split screen in Halo 5???

We don’t know. Anything said about split screen on this forum is pure speculation.

So…they Are considering it…


> So…they Are considering it…
> Damm…

…Did anyone say that?

> So…they Are considering it…
> Damm…

No, we cannot assume that at all. Nobody here works at 343 Industries nor knows what’s going on in their studios. Nobody can say whether or not Halo 5 will have split-screen, nor can anybody even assume whether or not they’re considering removing it.

That knowledge is unknown to us at the moment, that is all there is to say about the subject for the time being.

For all we know, we’ll have to plug in specifically marked Spartan Gaming Helmets to play Split Screen in Halo 5.

,in all seriousness, we don’t know.

It would be quite stupid to drop split screen, since people obviously like the feature. Removing split screen would just promote “we sacrifice gameplay for more bling bling graphics” idea.

Split screen is dying in this next gen, but Halo always had it, and most likely even Halo 5 will.

The competition in question is an MMO. I can’t think of any that have had splitscreen.

I’ve played split screen in every Halo title and would be incredibly disappointed if they dropped it now.

I’d be disappointed if 343 didn’t include split screen. There’s really no reason not to have it.

Not having split screen would be one of the worst things that can happen to Halo 5. I don’t think 343i would even consider it for a second.

Well, all the Halos (with the exception of Halo Wars) had, at least, a 2 player split-screen mode. I can’t see why Halo 5 wouldn’t continue this trend.

Come on, there’s no way they wouldn’t. Out of everything they put in or left out, they didn’t drop splitscreen in Halo 4, even though the 360 couldn’t handle it very well. We’ve had it in the multiplayer for every major Halo game since CE. If they don’t put it in, there’s no way the backlash wouldn’t force them to put SOMETHING in.

I think this comes up with every Halo. The odds are, no. Custom Games is too big of a part of Halo for it to be dropped.