will duel wield be in halo 4?

i miss duel wield, i was disappointed it wasn’t in reach

will it be in halo 4?

most likely

hope so

if so, I don’t know if having a “left hand gun” trigger would still be necesary. I would rather just use the guns at the same time, and perhaps just keep it strictly to “two of a kind” rather than the mixing and matching thing we saw in halo 3.

at least let us hold onto the second hand gun. I would never drop my gun to use a grenade, I’d tuck it under my arm if it was simply one handed. I also wouldn’t drop it when I wanted to pistol whip someone. sheesh, what was bungie thinking when they did that? “people should appreciate the auto-drop weapon feature when you melee, cause…well I dunno! oops, it’s already been coded into the game, oh well, guess well just leave it in there” I mean, what made that thing we’d want to drop a gun to melee? or throw a grenade?

anyway, I hope it’s back, and done better, as to not screw up the game pace or screw with me.

I think it will.