Will Del Rio be a villain?

In the recent episode of Hunt the Truth, it’s revealed Del Rio is now a Senator. He gives a speech how the Spartan IIs are outdated and are quite dangerous (Biko attack) and the Spartans IVs are the right way to go. He believes that the Spartan IIs, especially Chief. Do you believe that possibly that Del Rio will be some sort of villain of the Campaign?

I don’t think we’ll get a face to face meeting with him in the campaign. My guess is that he’d be in the background, billboards in human cities, radio conversations that sort of thing.

I see him being an opposing force, but I don’t think we’ll acknowledge him as Chief

I don’t think he will have any part in the Campaign at all.

Everything in Hunt the Truth is just what’s happening in the background as chief does his thing.

He is a ponce, but not big enough to carry a game as a bad guy.

As much as I hate him, I dont think he will be a villain. I prefer much more the Didact or Jul Mdama…even the ONI

I see his role as the main reason the Spartan IIs get together again and not much more

EDIT: And might be the reason for Locke’s team looking for the Spartan IIs. So I think Del Rio will have a large role in the game because he has set everything into motion. But I doubt he gets a ton of in-game time

He won’t be a villain, he’ll probably be a good guy who means well but sees things the wrong way and stands in the way of the protagonists like he kind of was in Halo 4.

He may pull a “Counselor Udina” move in Halo 5.

He’s going to have some form of villainous presence I think