Will CSR replace the SR system?

I am sorry if this has been asked before. I would like to know if the work I do/armor and weapons I have gained will be erased when the CSR system put into the game.

also, I know this is speculation… but are they making this change because people are crying that they want to see a number next to their name based on skill and not on time dedicated to the game?

personally I never liked the system in halo 2 or 3 (mind you that I am an OK player. got stuck at 46 on most game types) so i played social most of the time because it was less MLG in mindset. I found it much more enjoyable to game with people that weren’t playing just to reach 50… but just wanted to have fun.

I would also like to know if this is going to take over all the game types or if it will have it’s own hardcore section.

Just like the hardcore players don’t want their game muddied up by casual players… we who play for a more casual fun don’t want importance attached to a number.

I like to win, but fun, for me, is all about kicking back and laughing online with friends. while competitive players find winning, and proving their worth/skill through achieving a number to be the most fun.

I hope that the CSR system is put into place with much thought and care when it comes to the average player.


TLDR version below.

When I am stuck playing games with people that are worried about the number next to their name… it tends to make the game less fun for me.

Wait, what’s CSR?

It’s completely separate from it.


> Wait, what’s CSR?

competitive rank

> Wait, what’s CSR?


Put short, it is a skill-based ranking system that will be coming out in 2013 for Halo 4.

> > Wait, what’s CSR?
> competitive rank

Where can I get some information on this? Links plox?

> Wait, what’s CSR?

A new system 343 created that will be displayed on Waypoint and maybe eventually in game that is similar to the 1-50 system that was in Halo 3. You will have a rank for each playlist.


Well it looks like everyone gets what they want, after all.

> Well it looks like everyone gets what they want, after all.

Nope not at all someone will find something to complain about. Once we are able to see and its not 1-50 but lets say a 1-100 they will still complain about it in some way shape or form.