Will content make you happier?

  • Will you come back and play once there is more content?
  • No I’ll never touch infinite again!

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Content isn’t the problem. It’s the numerous technical issues that is making the population decline.


Absolutely! Infinites core weakness is that it’s touted as a live service game without the service. Once that’s fixed, Infinite will shine bright!


Well, I haven’t stopped playing, so I will continue to play if new content does come. And yes, new content would make me happy.


Of course, but focus on getting the game more stable for others to play should be equally as important.

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Most people bothering to be on waypoint are probably dedicated fans so they are much more likely to stick around (if we survived mcc/h5 we can survive this). Give this to a bunch of casuals and I bet the results would be very different.


YES! More Content & Stability fixes will actually make this game much more enjoyable to play


I also haven’t stopped playing.

But Forge and Scripting will make be happy.

Deliriously happy.

I have so many game-types buzzing around in my head… but I need to know the logistics of what we can and can’t do!


Can’t vote since the options all suggest I’ve quit playing. However, yes more content would absolutely make me happier with Infinite. Could use some more BTB maps for sure.

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Finally, someone sees that all the content in the world won’t keep people playing if their desync and numerous other technical stuff is not fixed

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You should just add a normal “no” option to your poll as I will return to Infinite in full if/when these issues are resolved.

But you answer your question no. Lack of content isn’t the issue as we know it’ll come eventually. The problem is the desync, crashing, poor matchmaking, differences in aim assist between console controller players and PC controller players, and every other technical issue currently plaguing this game.

perhaps i will, i’ll for sure becoming back for season 2 but that is still 3 months out

I want more and better maps. Also a better progression system would be nice. I hate how you basically have to choose between what you want to play or something you don’t to progress in the battle pass. I will still play Infinite from time to time but most of my Halo will be in MCC the superior Halo game.


Supposed to drop like May 2nd right? Watch them say we need to delay for some lies they gonna make up, as is tradition…


yeah and forge has been delayed till season 3 now so…


this is why i’ve gone back to MW2019 and R6S


YOOOOO WHAT?! See… smh cant even keep their promises…

i swear thats what i heard we were also supposed to have a content roadmap like a month ago.

they need to learn “don’t make promises if you know you cant keep them”


It’s both.

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There needs to be a third vote of “Add content ONLY after fixing the game-ruining bugs and servers”