Will Bots work on our Forged Maps?

Since the introduction of Bots in Halo Multiplayer, will these bots also work in our Forged Up maps? Unless they are only “Scripted” for only the core maps?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I recall seeing a screenshot of an Inside Infinite post that outright says bots will work in custom games. As to the capacity that bots will work I’m not sure. Perhaps they’ll only work on 343i designed maps, or they’ll work on every map including player made maps.

If these things are actually trained AI models it stands to reason they could work on custom maps. I am not sure if this is the case, but for the sake of epic PvE battles in forge and custom games I hope so!

I would really like to see forge with an AI pathfinding tool that you can paint onto objects so that the AI knows how to get around your custom map.

I won’t tell you what I saw or where I saw it… but OH BOY, you are in for a treat when it comes to forge.
This is going to be the best Halo game, hands down.

It is likely that bots will work on Forge maps as they’ve stated that we can use bots in custom games, something that thrives on Forge maps. I don’t know the exact means we can implement them, but I imagine it’ll involve some combination of AI learning/base settings (under the hood) and player scripting (tweaking for layouts, interactables, etc).

I don’t think the bots will work in our forge cards.

I presume they’ll try, at least.

would be awesome, i´ll definitly go into forge