Will blue team dlc to tie infinite + divine winds?

Sick of the war in the forums right now and been thinking about the narrative of infinte in light of some information.
note spoilers are from shadows of reach I recommend you read the book or listen to it on audible before reading the thread.
So on a more positive note.
Anyone expecting a coop blue team dlc to connect infinite to divine winds?
I know blue team aren’t confirmed for the book and

Red team, ash, olivia, Mark, red team and omega are probably enough Spartans for one story to manage.but denning has become the blue team author so I don’t see him dropping Fred, Linda and Kelly.
Especially when recent information has killed my hopes for their inclusion in infinite as coop characters.
So with that how likely do you think a blue team campaign is that ties the

keepers on the lesser arkto the zeta halo campaign?
Any thoughts?