Will Anyone Stick with Halo 5 after Infinite Relea

With previous games in the franchise like halo 2, a lot of players returned to the older versions until populations became dismal. What does this say about the newer versions… And more importantly-do you think anyone will stick with halo 5 after Infinites’ installment.

Its a heavy thought with my optimism for infinite…

I think they will. I don’t play it but so many people do and I think people will totally stick with it. Idk when 343i will give up on the updates after Infinite is out but it is still a fun mp to play.

If a couple years pass and MCC is brought to Series X (you know it’s gonna happen, they didn’t invest all of this time, money, and resources to not have it continue past a console generation that’s about to fade out), and Halo 5 is added to the collection, I will absolutely play it. Everyone makes a giant fuss about Halo 5, but I enjoyed the multiplayer.

I will probably do what I always do. I will play the newest game like a have no life for a few months then return to the older games only to return to the newest game until a newer game comes out.

I moved from Halo 5 about 10 days after release. I tried playing it again more recently but it never really made me happy as a game.

Assuming Infinite lives up to the hype the trailers have built up thus far, I definitely won’t touch H5 again. Even now, I only play a match or two here and there simply because I feel like if I am going to earn XP in a Halo game, let it be H5 since I have the illusion of making progress toward a yet undisclosed reward in Infinite. H5 is far too restrictive when it comes to Firefight, a mode I enjoy playing a lot in any game. PvP is utterly unenjoyable unless I play the party modes since the core weapons (mainly the BR) have felt awful to use ever since the unnecessary Overtime update.

If I like infinite as much as I think I will then I’ll will really only return for the custom games browser.

If Infinite lives up to the hype that it’s had, I see absolutely no reason to return to Halo 5. Halo 5 is at this stage only alive because of the customs browser, (an absolute mess mind you) and the few people who just want to hold out on the most modern Halo title before Infinite drops.

No. The only reason why I still play Halo 5 is because there aren’t any “Halo” games with a big enough playerbase. Not that Halo 5 has a large one, but you get the idea. I’m going to be the happiest man in the world when I finally get to drop that obnoxious, unbalanced multiplayer.