Will all armor specializations be released?

Hey, I’ve been wondering for a while if 343 will make all the armor specializations available to every player. Or did you have to play it November 20 or before to get anything besides than Wetwork and Operator? Because I played the game for the first time on November 25, and then realized that you had to play it on the 20th to get the specialization codes.

I’d like to know this too. I never got my code,(i played before 20th) but I’m getting tired of fighting for it. So I just wanna know if it’s gonna be available later on.

Everything so far has been “early access” to the specs, so yes, they will be released but among other things 343 hasn’t communicated, is that date.

Thank you, that answers my question

> https://twitter.com/bsangel/status/279077757844082688

Sweet, I finally have something more concrete to post when I tell people that they will be released to everyone. I’ve got my specs, but I’ve been trying to help calm the nerves of some people here.

My guess was always that they would come with the CSR update, but who knows.

Early 2013 for new comers like me? Or were my suspicions of being screwed by 343 true and I won’t get the specialization codes and be doomed to play the halo demo version