Will added multiplayer weapons be added to campaign as well?

I really want to see Grunts with the Fuel Rod Gun again, and the leaks say that 343 is adding the Fuel Rod Gun back in the game. They found a working Fuel Rod Gun in the files, and I really want to see what it does with Infinite’s campaign sandbox.

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I liken infinite’s sandbox more of a kitty liter box. Small and full of dung.

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I imagine they may add in new weapon and enemy types via dlc.

Whether that means the weapons are available only in the dlc sections remain to be seen. Would be very cool to have the doc naturally intertwined into the main world so you can experience it as you play the campaign for players who start it after the dlc arrives.

I can see them adding the weapons to the boxes and dlc levels, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t new enemies or weapons in the basic map, mostly for balancing reasons etc.