Will 343i ever give us Rumble Pit back?

I know they add every week but there so called FFA throwback that “of course” was a fail i feel was made to do so, that way if they ever do comment which they never do, its as easy as “We tried FFA with the community and it did not work so we are at this time focused on what players want and that is team based modes only”,or something like that. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like it will never happen? Now i know there are a lot of you who could care less and that’s cool but there is also a lot of us that do and you got to admit that we all thought it would have popped up by now, the lack of all communication between 343 and its community with this games makes it feel even more frustrating. Even if your not into these types of modes id still like to know what you think. If they did update the list with a rumble you know it would be booming with people, a lot of happy people and thats what they want for there game right?