Will 343 still give out the Ice Unicorn Assault Rifle skin for Halo 5?

Will 343 still give out the Ice Unicorn AR skin for Halo 5? I never managed to pair up with them during a community playdate, and when they started mainly doing playdates on MCC it seemed like I would never get a chance to get the skin. With Halo Infinite being out I think the chances are even less likely now. I would really have an option to earn (or even buy if I have to), this weapon skin. It would be nice if you could earn it by playing against 343 in any Halo community playdate (say for infinite or Halo MCC).

Also, I put 50 hours in on custom games, and have not received the REQ pack with the Timmy Helmet yet. I thought they were giving it out automatically, but now I am concerned that I won’t get that helmet either.

Probably not, but it’d be a nice gesture for those who still play Halo 5.

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Timmy was going out automatically, but it’s not instant. It was done like once a month when a check occurs or something. Dunno if that check will still occur though.

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Yeah, I had read it was automatically being gifted, but I have yet to receive mine. It is either off, I haven’t actually met the custom game time requirements, or something else went wrong.