Will 343 eventually get it's own render service for game films?


Well i spotted this while surfing B.net and i was wondering that once Bungie Pro support phases out by March 22nd of next year, i was wondering if 343 has it’s own service for rendering films and the like in the works?

I know it won’t really effect anyone till March but still something worth bringing up.

Most likely not, Bungie Pro will be Reach’s and Halo 3’s for now.

It is more than likely that Halo 4 will have it’s own feature similar to Bungie Pro.

Make it a free service. Microsoft already has enough money.

> Make it a free service. Microsoft already has enough money.

I agree. Making it a free service would certainly boost community population and overall happiness. Plus, none of the other competitors offer such awesome sauce.

As Bungie begins to continue distancing themselves away from Halo, I’d expect to see everything available on Bnet to slowly migrate over to 343i, including films, stats, etc.

First of all, I’m just glad I’ll still be able to buy render minutes for Halo 3 / Reach. I’m completely dependent on Bungie Video Rendering for all my video making :slight_smile:

As far as future titles go, I’ll just say this: I’m positive that 343 is fully aware of how many Halo fans want some kind of video rendering service for future Halo titles. I’m equally positive that they will work on developing some kind of video rendering service once they are ready and able to do so. In the short term, making the games themselves is obviously the top priority.