Will 343 actually change The game early this year

Considering the amount of criticism 343 is getting right now. I had a lot of fun with the flights and the little battlepass demo was good and could actually progress in it.
This game has way too many flaws to be launched in this state.
I have hope for Campaign but multiplayer not so much.
Even though they probably won’t since there’s only 2 weeks left but some changes in the near future would be much appreciated.

Probably not

the use of the word beta is being stretched pretty thin in Infinite’s case, I’d expect a few QoL changes in December but nothing significant that the community have been requesting such as match XP, that’ll unfortunately take some time.


There was a tweet basically saying everyone is taking off for the holiday so probably end of January at best.

Of course not. The term ‘beta’ is a marketing ploy. The game launches in like 2 weeks. They don’t have time to make any meaningful changes this late on before launch.

What you see right now is what you’ll get come December 8th.

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