Wildlife in Guardians and beyond!

So I’m hoping to see more alienated wildlife in the upcoming halo titles like the Moa’s on Reach or the flying birds from Halo 2 that look like dinosaurs with four wings!

Don’t forget the gútas from Halo Reach. However, I think those were only on Reach.

I think it would definitely add to the Campaign setting. I’m all for it.

The E3 trailer for Halo CE had alot of wildlife and it always bugged me how we never saw any in the Halo games until Reach and those weird brids with 6 wings in 3 and 2.

If H5G takes place on Sanghelios a desert world than that seems to be a good reason for the lack of wildlife but hte image we saw showed some weird creatures flying in the air so maybe we will see something like the flying Manta Rays in KOTOR on Dantooine.