Wide suggestion here

I understand they are making a free to play game. Then let us just pay for the customization we want. Instead of the preset colors than we don’t want in the first place. Instead of doing this crazy system. Stop making challenges the only way you can get xp for battle pass. And instead give us xp per match progression but add one challenge that we must complete to move up. If they want it to be challenging. Also if we are buying kits. Let us customize the kit with new pieces we unlock. It’s weird that you can’t add pieces on your suit. It’s just a beta. But they seem stubborn on what we want and too stuck behind the system they created. We don’t mind Paying for customization as long as we can actually customize everything. This makes me kinda scared for Forge. I know it’s a beta but these changes will elevate the game. The options they have given us is just wrong in terms of progression and customization. This is where you step back and listen to your gamers. There are plenty of free to play games that succeed and halo can do easy better. Trust us add this as your change and you will not only win over your gamers. But you would create the best shooter and halo experience ever. If you want to look at what your market or pay wall structure should be think warframe market. The customization is amazing and they have plenty of different ways to rank up. But we have a challenge that we must pass to move up. There are other titles as well. Just using warframe as an example of a successful gaming market designed perfectly for the gamer to customize and progress.

They should’ve given people the ability to freely choose static colours like we’ve been able to for over a decade & have coatings as the premium option

instead we’re forced to hope that 343i makes a colour scheme similar to the one we’ve had in previous halo games and then sell it to us, it’s insane.