Why is it that when im on full health and shields a single grenade will kill from more than a metre away but an enemy on no shields and red health will survive a grenade below his crotch.

Why is it that when i have a jetpack and i fly away backwards an enemy with a sword will zip across time and space and matter and slice but when they have a jetpack i slice air.

Why is it i get stuck with people with an IQ of 5 in double team but my opponents do not.

Why are all the useful AAs gone from double team.

Why can i never get oddball.

Why is FF always laggy no matter what my connection is.

Why do i nearly always get stuck with -Yoink!- on my team.

Why are my opponents always complete -Yoinks!- whether they win or lose.

Why is Halo Wars an all round better experience than Reach.


Y ask y ?

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