Why you shouldn't quit

Typical scenario: soloing some Warzone and have 6 randoms quit because we did not capture Spire right away.

Unknown to them, I went on to kill 10 bosses as well as went 32 and 6 K/D to carry the squad to a reverse triple cap win. So if you’re one of those who rage quit if they lose the middle base then maybe try a little harder to play the game out! It can’t possibly be fun to constantly quit games after 2-3 minutes. Thanks to the homies who stuck it out though!

There are a lot of people who seem to think games aren’t fun unless they’re winning the entire time. Sure, nobody likes to get stomped, but it’s the act of playing the game that’s fun, not necessarily the winning. That’s just a bonus.

Ya know, it would be great if we could report and avoid like in the older games, but oh, wait, some genius thought it would be abused and so doing it is meaningless…Yeah, screw that, and I got banned for idling in a game just now because my entire team quit, why would I have any desire to continue the match, perhaps I should have quit too, better chance of being banned while staying idle in the game versus quitting due to being unfairly matched, yeah, real -Yoinking!- genius.