Why you should not buy from Battle Pass

Since everyone wants to say 343 was forced by executives and investors as well as paying off the 500 million budget while acting like 343 shares little to no blame, here’s what I’ve concluded.

Let…your…money…speak. Some people are alluding to 343 wanting fans to create an uproar to send a message to the higher ups. If that is truly the case, and we all know this system is hot garbage, then we need to send that message. This is not the next Halo 3 if I can’t even do a simple color change, let’s seriously stop fooling ourselves and get it together. With all that said, 343 could’ve implemented montizations of cosmetics MUCH more intelligently and made it more balanced. Forced or not.

First and foremost, with the campaign being 60 or 70$ to even satisfy that budget, they would need 8million purchases for Infinite and seeing as how not everyone is into a story mode and go straight to multiplayer…well good job…you easily missed your chances of satisfying that debt by making it free to play. However with the hype the campaign is getting, it’s still not hard to believe they can get those sales from the campaign.