why you mad though...

First i’d like to start by saying your tears are delicous. Second, why you mad though.

I’ve looked back and fouth across the mountains of the internet and all I can see is bitchy little fanboys complaining about their precious little Halo and how its turing into Cod. Are you for -Yoinking!- real! Like Cod. HOW! Have you even played Cod. Nothing mentioned in the details of Game Informer does it in the slightest hint anything related to Cod. Unless you are trying to say that character progression and customisation has been taking from Cod. If you actually think that then I think you need to slap yourself in the face and grow some brains. character progression and customisation has been in games since the dawn of time. Ok maybe not that far back but it has been around longer than Call of Duty.

I myself have played Call of Duty and Halo for countless amounts of hours and let me assure you when Halo 4 ships you are not going to be playing -Yoinking!- MODERN WARFARE 4. Who the -Yoink- started calling it that anyway. Hunt that -Yoink- down. Oh and before you make a post making comparisons between Spartan Ops and Spec Ops don’t bother. Two differant games. Two differant game modes. Stop being so ignorant.

Got a problem, I don’t give a -Yoink-. Cry me a river, im really thirsty.

Wow. You’re all riled up! I understand.
I’m pretty sure the reason why fans of each game compare the two is because they are both the leaders in FPS. Like how it feels so natural to compare Coke and Pepsi, Nike and Reebok, Ford and Chevy, etc… Combine that with the fact that a lot of people can’t like one thing without hating another and there you have it!

Getting angry back at them and using speech like “hunt them down” only escaltes the behavior.

Halo is Pretty much dead. And it has been replaced by a new game 343 has been working on it’s called; Call of Halo: Spartan Ops 4

> Halo is Pretty much dead. And it has been replaced by a new game 343 has been working on it’s called; Call of Halo: Spartan Ops 4

I can’t comment about that until I’ve played the game, but I will say it sounds as if Reach had more and bigger changes than H4–but again–I haven’t played it, so I can’t say for certain.

Some how the word “abilities” became associated with the word “perk”, a term coined by the Call of Duty 4 multiplayer. Thus the ten year-olds who can barely type run to the Bungie Universe and Waypoint forums saying that Halo 4 is going to be more CoD than Halo.

Edit: Also 343i made the poor decision of calling their objective based mission gametype “Spartan Ops”.

Everyone has the right to voice their opinion and if you don’t like it tuff! U MAD BRO?

Feel free to repost your opinions MINUS all the flamebait and insults. Thanks!