Why you dont get in bed with a Virgin.

In case you were interasted in how the infinity challange is going, the spartan ops leaderboards have been broken for 2 days now, almost seems like theyve done it on purpose too. A lot of people have just quit because of it, too bad.

I see (and am somewhat irked) at what you did there.

On another note, I don’t think any company involved has handled Halo 4 very well.

343i has yet to get the fileshare working, Microsoft has repeatedly screwed up with codes and map packs, and now -Yoink!- gaming is wrecking the tournemant…

Great job.

Doesn’t matter, had -Yoink!-.

Just informing the local community of their progress

> Just informing the local community of their progress

Why anyone thought it was a good idea to do something with Halo 4 when its so broken is beyond me.

In what way are the leaderboards broken?

They appear to be working for me…

One thing I have noticed though, is that the prize pools are messed up.

In Spartan Ops:

Tier 1 has 224 prizes between 4585 players = 4.9% chance of prize
Tier 2 has 403 prizes between 9239 players = 4.3% chance of prize
Tier 3 has 641 prizes between 6387 players = 10% chance of prize

Why is it so much easier to get a prize in Tier 3? To be within the prize places in Tier 3 you’d need to have played just 12 games of Spartan Ops. That’s a normal week for me…

If you have something appropriate to say on VG’s Halo4 tourney/contest and how it’s run: https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst173010_343--why-is-virgin-gaming-better-than-mlg.aspx