Why would they put in armor abilities?

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There was a 100 page petition signed by almost a thousand people. It would have gotten more until it was locked. Why would 343 do that. They F***** us over in an attempt to draw CoD fans, but It won’t even work. Frankie Why would you do that? Why? You destroyed my childhood in a matter of 16 hours. I didn’t think they could/would make it worse than reach.I know it will be bad because I have two eyes and can read the Full GI.

This hideous disgusting monster of halo 4 is not what I imagined. It makes me sick. You,343, make me sick. You are like George Lucas, you have a sick -Yoink!- of destroying people’s childhoods. My favorite video game has turned into -Yoink-. I don’t even want to buy halo 4. I would rather keep my 60$ than give it to you whs. You 343 are whs. I almost regret buying Halo cea just because I gave money to you pigs.


Are these AAs as we saw them in Reach? If they are, I’m pissed, if they’re limited use, or map pickups, or both, I couldn’t care less.

It’s because of the casuals, as long as a casual cant get easy and simple gameplay they will play the game and we all know how many casuals there are in the world.

If you actually read it you would know that the “hideous disgusting” monster is an elite or anything to do with the covies…

Out, please.

No it is like a progression system were you have to unlock them. Like perks in Call of duty.

In the long run sadly the fans of any series really don’t have a say. They’ll listen but that doesn’t mean all of what the fans want will be in game. That’s how I view the industry and what it will continue being.