Why won't website update my armor

So I’ve switched armor pieces quite some time ago, however, halowaypoint.com doesn’t ever update to reflect my Spartans new look. My guess is that since I can no longer level or gain xp the changes I make will no longer update. I think perhaps a patch would be nice 343. One less broken thing for me to -Yoink- about then. :wink:

Hello, I have the same my armour won’t update, this kind of bugs are to be reported on Halo Waypoint Bugs Threads-Click Here I already reported it btw just letting you know :wink:

You just have to give it time. I’ve found getting on Halo and playing something like grifball will help it update faster.

You probably need to play Halo 4 again and then just RESELECT the armor so it updates.