Why wont my maps work?

So I downloaded the Heroic, Legendary, and Mythic Map packs between August of 2008 and October of 2009. About a year ago I took a break from Halo 3. Shortly thereafter my xbox got the RRoD (or a variation of it). Rather than messing with it I bought a new xbox arcade and just moved my hard drive over to the new unit. Now recently I have gotten back to playing Halo 3 and I don’t have any of the maps. They show up on the memory and I can look at the dates I downloaded them etc. but I can’t play them. They don’t show up in the list of maps when I go to custom game.

The gamertag I use now is a different one than I used when I downloaded the maps but even if I get on the gamertag I was using when I downloaded I can’t see them in the custom games menu. Somebody please help. I am condemned to playing only Lone Wolves (Rumble Pit) and Team Slayer (social slayer) and I have given Bungie/Microsoft so much of my monies…

If by new gamertag you mean new account, then i recommend getting on your account you downloaded them with, then re-downloading them. They should be at no extra charge.

Thanks I’ll try that.

I think if you were to try and download them again on your new gamertag (assuming you didn’t simply change the name, but made a whole new account) then you would be charged to download the maps again. However, if you are still able to use your old account then you should be able to re-download them free of charge. If you’re unsure of how to do this, all you have to do is find Account Management, which I’m pretty sure is under the tab that displays your avatar on the dashboard, and then find the Download History option. Once you have gotten this far you simply have to find the maps in the history list and begin downloading!


Ok so I re-downloaded everything. It took about 1 second per map pack since they are already on my hardrive I guess, which would lead me to believe that they didn’t actually re-download. Am I supposed to delete them first? I really don’t get what is going on. The maps are on my hard drive and they wont even show up with the account I downloaded them with.

Yes, the instant download means they are already on your hard drive.
So try playing on your old account, see if they are playable.

I figured it out and I have no idea how this worked (this is the op by the way on my actual name, hit me up if you want to play I need friends). When I started up Halo 3 it asks me which memory device I want to use, hard drive or xbox (since I have an arcade that came with some memory). For some reason I have to chose xbox to play my downloaded maps that I downloaded to the hard drive on a completely different xbox. I don’t understand why this works but whatever.

Thanks for everyone’s help!

And…I spoke too soon. I can only access the maps with the account I downloaded them with. Is this supposed to be the case? I can’t believe it would be. I am not an account I am a real human who bought an xbox, bought halo3, and bought the maps and would like to play my halo 3 game on my xbox with the maps I bought. Please tell me there is a way to play downloaded content on an account other than the one you bought them with. My old account doesn’t have gold and I can’t afford to pay $120 to use a service that costs $60.

Ok I know I am kind of talking to myself here but I want to give as much information as possible so people only need respond once. I believe I have found my problem.

Per Wikipedia:

**"**all accounts can normally share content when it was downloaded on that system. However, if the system is replaced, then only the actual Xbox Live account to which the content is tied can make use of it"

So it would appear I have screwed myself (with the help of microsoft’s ridiculous licensing) since I downloaded the content using account A, switched my hard drive to a new xbox, then started account B. My only options to play the content I paid for is to pay for it again or pay to update account A to gold again, thus paying for two accounts at the same time, only one of which I will use.

I am frustrated beyond belief to be in a battle with myself for rights to content that I paid for but if someone can confirm that this is correct at least I will finally have an answer to my question and can hang up Halo 3 permanently and hope Halo 4 is good.

Thats how it works. To stop from buying it on one console and sharing it with the rest of the world. Sorry dude. If you get Halo 3: ODST, you get the fun game, ODST, and Halo 3 full multiplayer with every map included. Hope you find a solution.

Yeah I understand why they do it its just unfortunate for me. The thing is I have the same hard drive. If it hasn’t been transferred from one hard drive to another then it can still only be on one console at a time. Whatever I disagree with the policy but I get why it is there and there is apparently nothing I can do about it.

I just checked gamestop and ODST is only $14.99 so I will just buy that. I have already beaten the game but at least now I will have all the maps and can screw around with fire fight if I want. Or go after recon. Its not so bad, I thought ODST would cost much more but I’m willing to pay 15 bucks for the stand alone value of that game and it will solve my map problem.

Thanks again for the help!

I’m not certain on this, but I think the following link may help with your most recent issue. It’s known as a License Transfer. If you wan’t a little more info on it I would search that title on the support site, but I do think it will allow you to play that content on your new gamertag. Hope you might see this before it’s too late, haha.

Try this?