Why we should have a Flight for Forge, ASAP!

I think that Forge should get its own Flight, to be released ASAP to select Halo Insiders.
Reasons why it should be released as a flight:

  • Halo Insiders are used to bugs and issues
  • It would not have to meet full quality standards.
  • Changes can be made and feedback on those changes could be given immediately, making for a product suited to community expectations on release.

Benefits of doing so:

  • Custom gamemodes would enter circulation from those who have access: AKA, players who don’t have access can play what those who do have made.
  • Flight players would be able to create content for the game that the game sorely lacks and could even make it into Matchmaking, taking a load off from 343i.
  • It would build hype for the full release of Forge.

I agree and would hope to see a flight for it. Considering the changes that happened between the multiplayer flights and launch I would temper any expectations on 343’s willingness to make any changes though.

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