Why we need to keep ZB

all the other games were ZB
everyone’s complaints to keep bloom are wrong
and here’s why

you think bloom is necessary because you dont like getting shot
and these people spread there thoughts to others like an infectious disease

which might I add majority of these players are infact newbies or failur to the franchies

you say the 5 sk dmr is overpowered with ZB
but you can only think that if your first halo is REACH or your thoughts have been infected by those players who act the way they do

fact is the BR from halo 3 was just as good, better in fact a good 3 sk to the head did the trick
and there was no bloom on it

and the carbine gun
was replaced by needle rifle it was a 5 sk
with a fire rate as fast as you could pull the trigger making it the best long range weapon in halo 3 to match the sniper rifle weapons as you could un scope them and shootem donw faster

so I say again men and women of the ACTUAL halo geneation 2 and below though 3 is okay to
drop the arguments about bloom because these new arivals have no clue what to do with there gamer skill
and it wont matter if there noob/lucky or not we have the high ground on the feild because we got true skill that we can use at long distance and upclose that can thwart their spamming when we actually try to.

the only REAL issues with the beta is that the magnum fire rate is a bit over paced
the bleed through can be turned down a bit as it can be to fast depending on the gun

yes im looking at you automatic guns you sorry excuse of a weapon that takes advantage of the B-effect.
but work just fine it it weren’t there

although I like the bleed through idea
its just some times it can get in the way
my recommendation is cut it down by 15 - 25%
that add like another bullet or 2 or another half second for the auto’s
because at the current state auto’s only need 1/3 a second

I agree with your post. but the BR was a 4 shot kill. the halo 1 pistol was a 3 shot kill. bloom is fail

As far as the AL goes
they turned it down to much

currently if your stuck you die and if not it takes away your AL meter ALOT

this prevents AL team abusers

ALTHOUGH the die if stuck part takes away your main feature that it was intended

so what about turning down the AL resistance
turning the plasma gernaid immunity back on
the plasma should not just bounce off you but slide to your feet

this way the gernaid wont kill but can take out half your resistance leaving your fate of death up to the others whether they help you out or let somebody hit your AL with the second and final gernaid

this can add more experiance to gameplay
while still speeding it up from the old AL
but nowhere near as slow the old AL

also doig this can assist in the splatter area of the AL

this is just a suggestion but the AL as we all know isnt meant to be permanent
so if you AL to prevent a splatter shouldn’t it take out some of your resistance
or do we keep that section of dmg out
though I sggest the 1st

also to turn down the AL spamming
you set it so when the AL breaks your sheild is removed

so why not set it so that the AL is only as powerful-lasting-resistant as your sheilds amount when you use the AL

this will have both effect to the game play as it can shatter if stuck when 15% sheilds left

or can have low metter CRITITAL LOW when 20%
half meter when 50%
75% when 75%
and the resistance need only be placed at a sweet spot
and to differentciat the resistance based on bullet and explosions
alter the damage taken in based on this

set the AL to enhance an exposive radius and power :slight_smile:
this way it CHUNKS out a larger amount of resistance meter than bullets while also servin the user as meant to by repulsion of the other end of the blast radius

so it still wont send missles back but enhance them
like the cowbell skull